Tractor Supply Credit Card

If you are in search of fast money for your personal needs, buying the necessary tools or paying for emergency expenses, Tractor Supply credit card may be a good solution.

Beneficial conditions and competitive terms and requirements make Tractor Supply services demanded.


Once you want to use your credit card limit to purchase some stuff, you need to reach the minimal sum, which is $299 for a 6-month term and $499 for 12 months.

Keep in mind that extra fees will be charged in case you don’t repay within the specified interest-free period.

The interest rate will depend on the amount of money you want to take and the repayment period.

Once you intend to make a big purchase for over $499, you can select a flexible payment offered. 24-month repayment is available for purchases above $499 at Tractor Supply shop.

The credit card provider doesn’t limit its clients to a certain sum of money he/she can take.

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However, the APR and certain other payments will increase corresponding to the loan you take.

Once the purchase value of your item enhances to more than $999, you can choose 48-month repayment time. 13.99% is the APR for your instance.

Terms and Conditions of Tractor Supply

Once you are ready to get a credit card with Tractor Supply, you need to learn all the interest rates, terms and extra fees you may be charged with.

While the standard interest rate is 25.99% APR, it can vary depending on several factors.

Opting for extended purchasing plans that range from 24 up to 48 months, you will be charged with 13.99% APR.

29.95% is an average rate for cash advances.

The minimal charge of the interest rate is $2 on the balance.

Additionally, the company has a range of extra fees and charges, including:

  • Late fee. This payment will be added for every billing cycle when you have a missed due payment. On average, the fee is $25, but it can be increased to $35 for extra past due payment for 6 months following the already past due payment.
  • Transaction fee. If you use a cash advance, you will have to pay extra 5% from the sum, but it should not be lower than $10.
  • Returned payment fee. Return payment is added for a returned payment. The average fee is $25 but can increase up to $35 for extra returned payments during the following 6 billing cycles.

In general, a credit card with Tractor Supply is a convenient item that helps you get the necessary cash immediately.

Nevertheless, it is inevitable to pay attention to existing fees and additional payments you may be charged with.

Learn the detailed information about Tractor Supply credit card and take maximal advantage of rapid financing.

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