Insurance is inevitable for everyone, thus, following insurance-related information and staying updated is the key to success.

Legit? is an exclusive platform that offers online information considering the most recent insurance changes.

The option is provided by First United Credit Union, enabling people to save much time and effort.

You can access the necessary insurance details without any problems and hassle.

Following the reviews, it is an absolutely convenient and fast way to find the insurance details you are looking for.

Login Requirements and Other Specifications

To access a beneficial platform, a user should have collateral or reference ID, for instance, mortgage, vehicle or similar registered email address.

Additionally, a computer and an Internet connection in order to get insurance information.


How to Access MyInsuranceInfo

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The moment you have signed up, you can access your personal account. After you have opened the browser, you need to follow simple login guidelines to access:

  • Open the official website of the is the official website address you need. Check the Internet connection if you have any problems with the login page;
  • Fill in the login. The moment you have logged in, you will need to enter reference ID;
  • Submit. The submission can be approved in two ways: in case you have received a letter, you can find the reference ID in the upper right corner of the Verification Request. Once you’ve got an email, it will be placed in the correspondence sent to you;
  • After you have confirmed all the entered details to be valid, you need to submit the information. Tick if you are a licensed insurance agent.

If you don’t have reference ID, you can get the needed information through other collateral, like vehicle, mortgage, and others.

How to Find Necessary Reference Number

Looking for the reference number, you also need to make several steps before getting:

  • Open the browser and visit the official website;
  • Enter the home page and select any option you need, such as vehicle or mortgage in case you don’t have reference ID;
  • Click on the required option and answer several questions, including your last name, zip code and 5 last VIN digits;
  • Submit details to get a response from the system, validating the presented information.

Generally, is a customer-oriented platform that aims at lending needs of the customer.

Through the service, you can submit the required car insurance information at the necessary moment.

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