Military Star Card –

Check out Military Star Card if you are one of those who serve or retired from the army.

There are also other military cards that can be considered, and this review will help you to understand you really need it.

About Military Star

Military Star Card is provided by ECP, which is funded and run by AAFES.

This program is available to members of the following:

  • Marines Corps;
  • Air Force;
  • Army;
  • Navy;
  • Coast Guard.

It can be used by for satisfying different financial needs.

Cardholders can enjoy a personal dividend for their shopping at AAFES.

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The crucial matter to remember is that it can be only used in certain locations, not like the cards issued by banks.

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The official site that you can check out is

What Do They Offer?

You should think about getting the card if you often buy products/services shop at the following places:

  • AAFES resort hotels;
  • AAFES shopping facilities;
  • AAFES food courts;
  • com;
  • com;
  • com.

The users will enjoy different members rewards.

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APR for purchases according to Retail Plan is 11.99%, but it tends to change, so you need to check the updated into before getting.

APR for purchases according to Military Clothing Plan is 0.00%.

How to Apply?

Having a MyECP account is a must.

You can register it at by providing the following details:

  • Name;
  • O.B.;
  • SSN;
  • Verification of credentials;
  • Security info.

Applying on this website allows you to get a discount of 10% on first-day purchases.

Another way to apply for it is visiting your local exchange.

You will need to provide the same details as for registration online.

Once you are registered on this website, you can use Military Star login information in order to manage your account.

Customer Reviews

Different reviews give different evaluations of the cards.

There are those that would not recommend it, while others think that it is a great option.

There are 109,299 reports on the card that can be checked out at RipoffReport, but there is only one review published for the last 2 years.


This card may be a good tool for those who often shop at AAFES facilities and some websites.

To check and manage your account, you just need to enter the right military login information.

However, if you will not purchases there, you, probably, do not need to get Military Star Card.

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