Mainsource Online Banking

If you used to be a customer of Mainsource bank or a customer of First Financial Bank, you might be interested in finding out more Mainsource online banking.

In this review, you will find out more about the bank, why you should use Mainsource bank online, and how to do this.


MainSource Bank was established in 1904 and based in Greensburg.

Before it merged with Frist Financial bank, it has over 102 offices in different US states and more than 800 employees.

In 2017, the bank got a 5-star rating for safety and soundness.

It allows using different services, including the following:

  • Insurance brokerage;
  • Personal trust services;
  • Mortgages;
  • Corporate trust services;
  • Online banking;
  • Mobile banking.

Mainsource bank online banking can be accessed by entering your login details in at

mainsource banking online

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If you are new to this site, you will need to complete a registration process by providing the essential login information such as your username, password, and other required information.

A mobile version is also available, which means that you can use this option on the go.

If you enter the, you will be directed to due to the recent merge with of the bank with Frist Financial bank.

Why Do You Need to Use?

You need to use this option for the following:

  • Checking account balances;
  • Viewing transaction history;
  • Transferring funds;
  • Paying bills;
  • Activating cash-back offers;
  • Tracking spending.

Mainsource online banking allows you to have your accounts available for you on a single page, including your loans.

Please note that it is suitable not only for all accounts opened with the bank, but any other accounts open with other financial institutions.

Generally, it is a great option to control your financial situation.

It is also a quick and convenient way to activate different discount and rewards offers.


As you can see from this review, it is a pretty convenient service that allows checking your accounts in a convenient way.

It is very easy to use, and you can activate different reward offers.

There is nothing complicated that you should do in order to register there, and you will be able to complete everything within only several minutes.

It can be used on different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and others, which allows enjoying immediate access to your accounts from any place.

All in all, Mainsource online banking can be recommended for the use.

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