Forever 21 Credit Card

Among the endless number of different credit card offers you must be seduced by a beneficial proposition of  Forever 21 Credit Card.

It provides the customers with a range of rewards which we’ll try to clear out in this review.

Does Forever 21 have a credit card?

Special offers

After a quick credit approval you can enjoy following bonuses:

  • 15% discount on your 1st purchase if it is made the 1st day you use
  • $5 rewards certificate for every 300 points you earn
  • 21% discount on the day of your anniversary
  • 5% off on accessories on your birthday
  • Variety of special offers and promotions

All you have to do in order to be rewarded with such offers is to be an active user of Forever 21.

How Can I Apply For?

All you need to do is to address to any of Forever 21 stores or create an account on their website

When you apply through the website, information about the credit card approval will be informed to you immediately.

Don’t worry about safety of the information you fill in.

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forever 21 credit card

The company uses the latest technologies in order to protect all the data and prevent third parties from getting access to it.

In addition, you can register your Forever 21 Credit Card in order to pay your bill, update personal information, view statements and much more.

Keep safe your login and password and don’t tell them to anyone in order to eliminate the possibility of fraud and assure safety of your account.

How Can I Accomplish a Payment?

Payments are accepted online in any time including weekends and holidays. If you return money before 8 PM EDT, it will be dated by the same day.

You have to provide your checking account number and bank routing number.

This data will be securely saved for future operations so won’t have to fill it in again. You will have a possibility to change this information any time.

Online payments are executed without any fee. Once you paid, your Available Credit will be updated.

Nevertheless, the funds may become available with a delay in order to assure security matters because it’s one of the company’s priorities.

Be aware that the procedure of money transfer from your bank may take up to 2 days.

Keep in mind that even if you return the merchandise you bought, you’ll have to pay the Minimum Payment Due.

You can find it on your Periodic Billing Statement.


If you want to buy without high interest rates and obtain a variety of advantageous offer, Forever 21 Credit Card will surely meet your needs.

Convenient online managing of your account and assistance 24/7 make this service one of the most rational decisions for your personal budget.

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