First Savings Credit Card (

FirstSavingsCC offers MasterCard® that can be used for making everyday purchases, online shopping, and dining out at a restaurant.

This review will allow finding out more details about its advantages and disadvantages.


FirstSavingsCC is one of the options for people with a poor credit history.

Usually, an invitation to get the card can be found in the mail that allows applying for the card at

It has been specially designed for customers who do not have a good credit history to apply with prime issuers, such as Discover. No contact options are available on the website.

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What Do They Offer?

The following are their conditions that are not the best, considering the other options available on the market for people with an insufficient credit history:

  • Annual fee is $75.00 that you will pay immediately;
  • Credit Limit is up to $300.00;
  • APR is 29.99%.

first savings credit card

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Get Started Now

There is no option to apply for the First Savings Credit Card as a new applicant on their website because, in order to register, you will have to provide a “Reservation Number” as well as “Access Code,” which can found in their mail.

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Once you have all the needed information, you can enter to continue.

Registering and accessing your account will allow you to do the following actions:

  • Manage your account;
  • Sign Up for different alerts;
  • Check your account summary;
  • Choose schedules for automatic payment.

The Benefits of First Savings

The issuer of the card claims that you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can control your purchases;
  • There are no hidden fees;
  • Coverage for lost/stolen card is included;
  • There is no penalty APR;
  • Secure online account;

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The business has a B rating from the BBB.

All in all, there are 36 complaints, and most of them are related to billing / collection issues.

According to one review published on this website, the cardholder had to pay a late payment fee, despite the funds being transferred on time.

There are also other reviews that can be found on different sites, and most of them are negative.


If you compare the conditions offered by this card to other options available to you, you will see that their conditions are not the best.

Moreover, there is a range of complaints about it.

The card is available only by invitation. Although the issuer claims that there are no hidden fees, people still encounter different situations making them overpay.

That is why FirstSavingsCC cannot be strongly recommended, or at least you should very carefully check their conditions out.

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