Bank of America EDD Debit Card

Getting various payments, including benefits at good conditions is possible with Bank of America EDD Debit Card.

In this review, you can find out more details about the card, including its benefits.


EDD (Employment Development Department) is a large state department with over seventy years of experience.

Employment Development Department Debit Card issued by the BofA are used for benefits payments according to different programs.

The following people can get it:

  • Those who receive UI;
  • Those who receive DI;
  • Those who receive PFL.

The card can be active at

You can use this website to sign in by providing your login and other required information.

It is a Visa® , so it is accepted in lots of different places.

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bank of america edd card


  • Cardholders do not have until their checks are delivered;
  • No check-cashing fees;
  • VISA® is accepted everywhere;
  • Provides access to cash at points of sale terminals, ATMs, etc.;
  • Can be used for paying bills.

When Can You Start Using Your EDD?

Your card is ready for the use once you activate it. You can do it at

It is also important to register on this website in order to check your balance, make different transfers, and do other actions.

It is simple to do as you will only need to fill out certain fields with the required information, such as your login (username), password, security code, and others.

Activation can also be conducted by phone.

What Fees Are Not Paid?

No fees will be paid for the following:

  • Cash-back for making purchases at pharmacies, grocery stores, and US post offices;
  • Teller cash access at any credit union or bank that work with Visa;
  • 2 withdrawals per each benefit if you use ATM’s of another bank;
  • Domestic card replacement;
  • Live and automated customer service;
  • ATM withdrawals at US ATMs of the bank;
  • Direct transfers to a savings/checking accounts at different banks;
  • Checking balance at ATMs;
  • Account information available online.

Customer Reviews

One the Internet, you can find several reviews about this card that are mainly associated with issues with the card or the bank.

According to one review, the funds of a cardholder were stolen, and the bank was not helpful with this problems.

However, problems and issues are met in any business, but the debit cards does provide plenty of benefits.


If you use government benefits, you should really get and activate this card. It provides lots of advantages, including no-fees transactions.

It is very quick and simple to apply for Bank of America EDD Debit Card.

For more information about other debit cards contact the bank.

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