Following the rating, 60SecondPremier is one of the leading cards available for users with bad credit score, who need an unsecured loan.

Traditionally, you are urged to get only a secured card in case you have a bad credit history.

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However, the credit card of the First Premier Bank offers an exclusive option that will completely change the process.

Now, you have an opportunity to get an unsecured card, which means you can skip the deposit.

The interest rates with the card are quite high, but it can be easily explained by higher risks.

Read the reviews and learn the features of the card before applying for it, so that you can be sure you get what you expected to.

Usually, when you have a bad credit score, high APR and additional fees are not a surprise.

Card issuers charge you according to the risks.

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Considering the card with 60SecondPremier.com, you may expect the following:

  • Fees. Annual, processing and monthly servicing fees are included. They will depend on the limit you have. For example, if your limit is $500, you will have to pay $95 processing fee (which you need to pay even before you open the account), $125 annual fee for the first year with $49 for a further term and $0 monthly fee during the first year with $124.8 annually during next years;
  • Interest rates. The APR for purchases and cash advances is equal to 36%, which is a comparatively high rate.
  • Credit limit. People with bad credit are likely to have low limit. First Premier can enhance the limit only after the account has been open for 13 months. But the important fact is that you will be charged extra 25% fee upon approval. It means that if your limit increases by $200, you will need to pay the $50 fee. The increase of the limit can be rejected in a 30-day term.

Key Advantages of the Card

Considering the credit card, it is necessary to mention all the advantages of its use.

The application process is easy while credit limits are rather attractive.

Additionally, if you get a card, you can experience all the related benefits, especially:

  • Simplicity. You just need to fill in little personal information to receive a card;
  • Rapidity. You can apply online, which will save your time. The application process is fast, so it will not take much of your precious time;
  • Safety. The company takes maximal care of its customers’ safety, preserving personal data with the most innovative and up-to-date options.

Irrespective of all the possible drawbacks and comparatively high cost, 60SecondPremier is an undeniably beneficial option that offers exclusive interest rates, fees and credit limits to the so-called ‘unreliable users’.

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